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MARY OLIVER, 'Starlings in Winter'

Chunky and noisy, 
but with stars in their black feathers, 
they spring from the telephone wire
and instantly -
they are acrobats
in the freezing wind. 
And now, in the theater of air, 
they swing over buildings, -
dipping and rising; 
they float like one stippled star
that opens, 
becomes for a moment fragmented, -
then closes again; 
and you watch
and you try
but you simply can't imagine -
how they do it
with no articulated instruction, no pause, 
only the silent confirmation
that they are this notable thing, -
this wheel of many parts, that can rise and spin
over and over again, 
full of gorgeous life. -
Ah, world, what lessons you prepare for us, 
even in the leafless winter, 
even in the ashy city. 
I am thinking now
of grief, and of getting past it; -
I feel my boots
trying to leave the ground, 
I feel my heart
pumping hard. I want -
to think again of dangerous and noble things. 
I want to be light and frolicsome. 
I want to be improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing, 
as though I had wings." -

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